Did you know most people use smart phones to search the Internet? Responsive websites automatically adjust for phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Great print materials are a necessity in business, providing an emotional connection with your customers. 

DGC provides expert, professional services that go beyond what is expected from a traditional ad firm. Our prices are affordable, designed to meet your needs. Our promise is simple - we won't take advantage of small businesses. This means we won't hold you hostage with a lengthy, confusing contract and we won't charge you by the minute. Our goal is to take care of what we know best - marketing your business - so you can do what you know best - run your business. We promise to work with you to help your business succeed because together, we all succeed. 

Seeing your brand online consistently provides personal interaction with target markets without the actual in-person part, saving time and money. 

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The DGC team consists of expert graphic designers, technical writers, public relations gurus, social media masters, website designers, photographers, videographers and more. We are YOUR marketing team!

Designs Group Consulting offers a hands-on approach to marketing: a partnership that frees you to do what you love, run your business. Let us create the right brand story or positioning for your company and then share it through all available channels- print, digital, paid, social and operational.

From logo creation to strategic planning, production and implementation, Designs Group Consulting is your partner for all things marketing. We succeed when you succeed. 

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"It's not enough to provide great products," says Dannet Botkin, founder of Designs Group Consulting. "Businesses must also have a great strategy to market their products, developing a strong, visually exciting, brand that translates across all platforms." 

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A great strategy combines all marketing goals, a comprehensive plan developed from market research that’s focused on what’s necessary to achieve maximum profit and sustain your business. 

Sharing your brand product or story is not only crucial for growth, it also helps to strengthen the heart path of emotional connection with your customers! 

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