Before founding DGC, Botkin served as Marketing Director for Hot Springs Village from 2011 – 2015. During her tenure, she opened the HSV Visitor Center as part of successful marketing strategy designed to create new life and interest in HSV. She created new marketing materials, advertising and websites designed to showcase the Village like never before. In addition, Botkin was responsible for updating and unifying the HSV brand throughout the Village, and she spearheaded several community events including a sprint triathlon, which is now an annual event.

Botkin also implemented a customer relationship management system to manage sales leads, coordinated the marketing functions, sponsorship development, HSV resources and volunteer management of these events and still found time to manage her department!

Her take-charge attitude and ability to multi-task landed her a critical role in managing operational projects that affected almost every department - fire and police departments, public works, permitting, recreation, golf, and, planning and development including GIS. The targeted results led to additional programs and improved customer service for HSV residents and visitors as well as growth and development for the community overall.

Botkin graduated with honors (within three years, while working three jobs) from the University of North Texas and immediately went to work in the Buying Office for Neiman Marcus in Dallas. She later moved to New York City to serve as the Marketing Operations & Sales Director for a luxury international soft-goods company.

Botkin’s business savvy has extended far beyond marketing and into operations. She has worked for national and international businesses to analyze operations, streamlining and upgrading technology, creating and implementing marketing, sales and public relations strategies while reducing overhead, increasing profits and restructuring staff and organization as necessary. In one business, her efforts resulted in an increase of $1 million in the first year alone and $3 million within three years. In another instance, the business amassed an increase of $500,000 in the first year and was able to launch into the Asian market for even larger long-term returns.

Botkin has worked for a number of well-known brands including Neiman-Marcus, Thomson-Leeds and WellCare. During her marketing career, her clients included Victoria’s Secret, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Warner Bros., Hunter Douglas, Chanel Thomas and Giulio. Her international business career has included stints in Dallas, New York City, Tampa and Barcelona, Spain, and she has included positions from Advertising Account Executive to Director of Marketing and Operations to CEO. Hot Springs Village, Botkin currently serves as a Board Director for the Village Loan Closet. She served on the community’s Chamber of Commerce Board in 2016. Botkin is also a member of the Hot Springs Young Professionals.

Dannet Botkin, President - Career Highlights

Dannet Botkin, a marketing, sales and operations professional with more than 25 years of experience, serves as President of Designs Group Consulting (DGC), an Arkansas-based marketing firm. Botkin founded the Group in 2015.

As brand builders, storytellers, designers and operational gurus, DGC combines branding, material design, advertising, technology, digital marketing and strategic planning. The Group offers a one-on-one approach to marketing, helping smaller businesses navigate the sometimes murky waters of marketing and come out as winners.