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Brandon Runion is an independent filmmaker.  The ability to create original memorable storytelling through the visual mediums of film and photography drive his passion and craft.    ​

Brandon Runion, DGC Film Maker

Based in Hot Springs, AR

Lisa is a graphic designer, writer, editor, web developer, communications specialist and more. On any given day, you might find her writing/editing a magazine, creating social media graphics, designing a website or building ads for Facebook or LinkedIn. When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with family (especially her nephews), as well as crocheting, singing and playing piano.​

Devin Castle, DGC Real Estate Video Master & Photographer

Based in Fountain Lake, AR

Lisa Witler, DGC Marketing Consultant Firecracker / PR, Copy & Graphics

Based in Asheville, NC

Robin Burns, DGC Copywriter

Based in Hot Springs Village, AR

Dannet Botkin, DGC Chief-Make-It-Happen Officer / President & Founder
Dannet @designsgrp.com
Based in Hot Springs Village, AR

Melissa Palmer, DGC Raconteur / PR, Copy & Graphics

Based in Sarasota, FL

During more than 30 years in the fast-paced Silicon Valley tech world, Pam was a corporate exec, serial entrepreneur and mentor to 80 small businesses. Pam became an industry analyst, keynote speaker and a consultant for notable tech companies like Cisco, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft and more. Pam was the first director of economic development for the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce. She continues to use her skills and knowledge, now focusing on marketing, while she pretends to be “retired.”

Carol Smith, DGC Skill Master / Graphic Design

Based in Hot Springs Village, AR

Lisa Watson Thomas, DGC Marketing Consultant Gladiator / PR, Copy, Graphics & Magazine Design

Based in Little Rock, AR

Sherée Niece, DGC Marketing Editor

Based in Hot Springs Village, AR

Dannet is a marketing, sales and operations pro with more than 25 years’ experience. Prior to founding DGC in 2015, she served as Marketing Director for Hot Springs Village. Her take-charge attitude and multi-tasking skills were key in managing operational projects affecting nearly every department – police and fire, public works, permitting, recreation, and planning and development.

Dannet’s international business experience includes analyzing operations and creating marketing strategies to reduce overhead and boost profits. She’s worked with Chantel, Coca-Cola, Hunter Douglas, Neiman-Marcus, Nintendo, Thomson-Leeds, Victoria’s Secret, Warner Bros. and WellCare. Her career includes stints in Barcelona, Dallas, New York City and Tampa, in positions from Advertising Account Executive to Director of Marketing and Operations to CEO. She loves all things ocean and animals.

Lisa is a graphic designer with more than 25 years' experience in advertising, publishing, marketing and communications. When she's not working, you can find her out exploring, either on foot or in her vintage campervan. ​

Originally from the Washington, DGC area, Robin, has enjoyed a dual-focus professional life. From working as an advocate for individuals who are living with physical or intellectual challenges to marketing for home health-care and professional tutoring agencies.

Robin loves all things creative including designing jewelry, social media volunteering for the local animal shelter, photography and writing.

Nancy has over 16 years of experience in video editing and marketing for clients ranging from local massage & yoga, restaurants and boutiques to healthcare, real estate, tourism and corporate B2B businesses. Her expertise is in creating attention-getting videos for clients to market services, brands and products across all media. Nancy’s passions include playing multiple instruments & original songwriting (which she utilizes for DGC branded video soundtracks), vegetable gardening and illustration. ​

Carol has more than 28 years’ experience in graphic design, with expertise in print design, image correction and file management. In her spare time, she enjoys photography and attending drum and bugle corps competitions with friends.​

Devin Castle is a professional photographer from Hot Springs, Arkansas. With over 15 years of graphic design experience, he stepped out from behind the desk to start capturing the world around him. Photography has become one of his strongest passions.​

Pam Avila, DGC Narrator / Copywriter

Based in Hot Springs Village, AR


Melissa brings over 13 years’ experience in marketing, PR, branding, business development and communications to DGC. She specializes in relationship building with clients, media and co-workers, providing team leadership and direction for successful strategic communications. In her spare time, she enjoys the beach, traveling, running and yoga. When she's not outdoors she enjoys, writing, design and spending time with family and friends.​

Originally from Ohio, Sherée has lived in Arkansas for 21 years. Serving as First Lady at University of the Ozarks for 16 years, she happily retired with her husband, Rick, to Hot Springs Village. She has over 25 years of experience in design, editing, and proofreading mailers, magazines, and over a dozen published books. When not reading (and proofing!), Sherée enjoys traveling with her husband, and visiting with family and friends—old and new. ​

Nancy Diedrichs, DGC Video Design

Based in Lexington, KY