Target Your Customers Again and Again.
Have you tested the re-targeting advertising yet? Re-targeting is an inexpensive way to get your brand in front of your target market online. Your ads literally follow your target market around as they surf the net.

Be Respected.
It takes time and effort to build a solid company reputation. And online comments, whether positive or negative, will impact how people view your business. Let DGC help you maintain your company’s reputation online through reputation monitoring.

​​"60% of website visitors would rather watch a video than read text." - Diode Digital 

Be Strategic.
A great strategy combines all marketing goals, a comprehensive plan developed from market research that’s focused on what’s necessary to achieve maximum profit and sustain your business. Let DGC build a marketing plan that’s right for you.

Be Shared.
Social media isn’t quite universal but it’s close. In fact, more than half of consumers say social media plays almost as large a role in purchasing decisions as does TV, and they think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online. Let DGC share your message with content designed to build your brand.

Digital Marketing Services

Connect with Customers.
Did you know that nearly half of emails are opened on a mobile phone? And as many as 75% of recipients will delete an email if it is unreadable on their mobile device.

Want to connect with your customers? Whether you need to send a welcome email, promote a sale or reach out to current clients, email marketing offers the opportunity to engage your users.

 DGC’s email marketing services will help you connect with your customers. Just tell us the type of email you want to send and we’ll do the rest – write copy, select imagery, design the layout and send it to your email list. And it will look great on any device. 

Target Customers.
Reach the people you want to target with ads in a variety of venues including newspaper, radio, web and social media. DGC negotiates the media buys, to get you the BEST price. Let DGC advertise your business successfully in all available markets.

Seeing your brand online consistently provides personal interaction with target markets in lieu of the actual in-person part, saving time and money. And, when you combine Social Media Marketing and a well-designed Responsive Website, E-Newsletters, Blogs with Searchable Text and Video Marketing, you greatly enhance the online presence of your business aka "digital footprint." 

DGC offers digital marketing help for all types and sizes of businesses.


Reach More.
Is your website responsive? That means it resizes to fit any device, including desktop, smart phone, tablet, TV or watch; it's a fluid design. If not, it is past time to update your site! You risk your search engine ranking if you do not have a responsive site, and more importantly, you will lose prospects and possibly clients!