Photo and Video Services

Showcase Your Business.
 It’s been said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Exceptional photography can help your clients to truly see what your business is all about. DGC partners with some of the best photographers around to produce quality business portraits, product photography, event photos and more! Let your customers see your business in a new light.


Visualize Success.
The 24/7 work schedule has really changed our lives over the last decade. Busy is an understatement these days! So, it is imperative to incorporate both visual and video marketing into your digital marketing plan. Today, let's talk video! From drone videos to 360-degree videos, product demonstrations, commercials, virtual tours, etc., you need to develop videos to post to your company's YouTube page, website and Facebook page. Have Instagram? Twitter? Post videos there too! Make sure to plan your social media content to share videos at the right time throughout the year.

​Explanatory Animation Video
Looking for an exciting way to make your website pop? Use video to tell your story. A short explanatory animated video can make it easier and more fun for your customers and your prospects to learn who you are and boost your SEO. Remember that most people have a short attention span, and that you have seconds to capture their attention on the web. That’s why a short animation explanatory video may be the best way to tell your story quickly and effectively in a memorable way. Given today’s competitive marketplace, you need to stand out. A short animation explanatory video puts your company a step ahead of the game. Your business is unique, and so is your story. So how do you make it happen? A professional script, quality animation and production are key to reaching your audience and maximizing your profits. We’re here to help. We are pleased to be able to help you pack the most powerful, effective, and message into a well-executed explanatory animated video for your site. Contact us today for more information.